Certified Florida Appraiser

So it seems like property appraisers in Florida also use the CFA behind their names. Is anyone else aware of this?

I didn’t know they used CFA, but did know that you have to be licensed in FL to appraise real estate there. My company has a real estate group and recall one of our GA-based folks being fined for visiting a property in FL without a FL license.

Well, I was on a county assessor’s site and noticed it. The first time I was like “Oh cool, I never knew appraisers who went through the exams.” After visiting a few more counties in FL, I noticed all of them had this designation. Are there any legal grounds regarding this? Having CFA after your name may lead to some confusion.

Don’t know about the legality, but I suspect they have 1/2 a dozen other real estate designations after their names, so probably not a huge issue.