Certified Management Consultant

I was reading up about management consulting as a career and came across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_consulting#Professional_qualifications Any opinions as to how reputed/well-known is CMC certification? Do big-4/BCG/Bain/smaller players value it high and does it significantly enhance the value of your CV? I have not done much research yet and would like to know the opinion of folks here. TIA!

Hm… you can get a certification in anything now.

“CPA - [K]Camasutra Positional Analyst” - Charter granted after 48 months of relevant experience.

If your goal is to land a job in BCG/Bain/McK/etc, in my experience there’s no way that program is going to be of any help. There are three main entry points: 1) right out of college, 2) post-MBA, and 3) After 10+ years of management consulting experience. Those firms only will talk to you for options 1 and 2 if attended a top program. The decision process will be mainly based on a case-based evaluation. If you do really well on that, you’re in.