Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Hacksaw or no?

Just imagine all the tail you’ll get when the girls at the bar find out you’re a black belt.

^ Probably more than when I tell I’m I’m a CFA Charterholder…

of all the annoying types of people in finance, the six sigma black belt ****s are the worst.

They take wanky corporate speak to the limit. all it could take would be a particularly grumpy hangover for me to bodyslam some **** for saying ‘i’ll take this back to the ranch’


Too much BS jargon around these days. I feel assaulted whenever I’m called into a meeting with an ops guy throwing these processes, objectives and methodologies at me.

I know very little about six sigma. But when I was in internal audit, one of the teachers at the IA conference was a SS Black Belt. He said that it was one of the most rewarding profissional designations around. (And he was a CPA, CIA, and something else.)

That said, I think it’s more useful for ops, internal control, and business management. Probably less useful for security analysis or portfolio management.

So…did no one else see the relevant “30 Rock” episode?

^Teamwork, insight, brutality, male enhancement, hand shakefulness and play hard