CF entries

Hi all, Just wanted a quick clarification with regards to the difference in handling cash flows according to US GAAP and IFRS. Please correct me. US GAAP IFRS Interest Paid CFO CFO, CFF Interest Received CFO CFO, CFI Dividend Paid CFF CFO, CFF Dividend Received CFO CFO, CFI Thanks in advance!!!

Item|US GAAP|IFRS Interest Paid|CFO|CFO, CFF Interest Received|CFO|CFO, CFI Dividend Paid CFF|CFO, CFF Dividend Received|CFO|CFO, CFI

Thanks for confirming CP! You are the best!


Yeah, CP is the best!

wow I didn’t even know there were differences in this. I’m writing this down and making a note card. wait so are AFS securities or trading securities realized g/l going to go to CFI as well under IFRS?