cf1 cf2 cf3 IRR??

I have drawn a blank on the steps towards calculating npv irr etc using cash flow figures like cf1 cf2 cf3…someone pls detail the step wise solution using a ba II plus calc

Press the CF button, it will show CF0. Enter the amount of the investment, as a negative #, then press ENTER. Press down arrow to CF1, enter the cash inflow/outlow in year 1. Press ENTER, press down arrow twice to get to CF2. In the last step you will skip over the “F01” Entry. F01 is the frequency. I’ll give an example. CF0 - -10000 CF1 - 5000 CF2 - 5000 CF3 - 5000 CF4 - 5000 CF5 - 5000 You could enter these 5,000 cash inflows in each of the respective cash flow buttons, or you could take a short cut by entering it only once in the CF1, and then entering 5 in the F01, to say you will receive 5,000 for 5 years. If my explanation doesn’t help I suggest reading the manual, as its laid out there.

atomiclearning had some pretty decent TI tutorials. I am not sure if they’re still up there but you might want to check them out. Check out the tutorials of this user. His videos will cater to all of your TI BAII plus queries.