CFA 2000 Exam Grading Photo Release

U gotta take your hat off to CFAI… with exponential growth they have still managed the process reasonably well

Wow, the room is suprisingly well lit. I’m just wondering about evacuation procedures in case of a fire… I can’t see an EXIT sign… Do they run out with the papers?

who’s the one in the shorts?

there four in shorts, which one of them are you referring to?

I always assumed that each question was graded in a different room. I don’t know why. I guess that way the graders could discuss things related to a particular question. For some reason, it actually makes me feel better that they are graded in one big room.

That picture is of the “packet room”. When you grade, the graders for each question are all in the same room. You have a packet of 20 exams and when you get done grading your question on those 20 exams, you bring the packet back to this room and exchange it for a new packet. The line at the packet room is a social place and there is a food table there so you eat cookies and potato chips while talking to the stockbroker from Scottsdale waiting to exchange your packet. Those people you see are not charterholders but are either temps or people who work for CFAI. Edit: In the upper left corner there is a guy in a maroon shirt with a grader badge around his neck standing there waiting to be called to the table to get a packet (lazy bastard isn’t exchanging one). There are probably a couple of graders to his left at the top of the picture. Edit: That lazy guy kinda looks like me. Are we sure this is 2000?