CFA 2006 Exam

Is it me or is this thing a joke compared to last year (2007)??? Specially the Equity…Ethics was kind of tough…but so far I have done all but Deriv and running @ about 75%…and taking about 10 min to do each case…hmmmm for people who have done this and mock exams, are mock exams for this year on CFAI harder? lengthier ? Also I will be ready to start doing practice exams (full practice exams) as of tomorrow, so what order should I do the following in: BSAS Exam Book 6 E1 to E3 Book 7 (should I even bother?) Sample CFAI Mock CFAI Naturally I do not have enough time to go through all, I will be lucky if I get through maybe 3-4 of the mentioned above…what do you guys suggest?

i took it yesterday…and you’re right …it seemed like a joke i scored an easy 85 on it… I would suggest you go right to the cfai exams - and do the schweser book 6 in between if you want more practice…

definitely do mock CFA exams and CFA samples. Do book 6 if you have time. Book 7 seems to be overkill and confidence destroying to most people.

yea CFAI would be my priority as well and then schweser

What about BSAS exam? Lots of people were saying that is a good one too…I was thinking of doing CFAI Free Sample, BSAS, B6 (1 & 3) and one mock CFAI…offcourse given I have time

At the risk of sounding like an idiot and jinxing myself, I have found the questions in the CFA books that came from the 2006 exam to be much easier than what some of the vignettes were looking for in 2007. Maybe Im better prepared, maybe the questions just happen to be on topics I know well, but I too have found the questions GENERALLY to be easier than the 2007 exam questions.

This sucks. I did pretty well on the 2006 test yesterday and was feeling good about it.

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This sucks. I did pretty well on the 2006 test > yesterday and was feeling good about it. How did you do on the Ethics? The ethics I found was tough…so if you did well on ethics atleast you got the most important game breaker down right…

83% on ethics.