CFA 2007 essay questions

Has anybody else gone through these as a practice exam? How did you do? I just took it and self-graded, and realized there is some stuff I need to brush up on… – constraints section of individual IPS – behavioral traps – Black-Litterman – Grinold-Kroner However, I was encouraged by the overall result… using the CFAI model answers I graded myself out to a 76%, trying to be as conservative as I imagine they would be. I was struck by the fact that question #1 did not seem to be nearly as tricky as it was reputed to be, but that I still have alot of work to do on the details of memorizing some equations/approaches such as BL and GK.

is this on the curriculum this year? – Black-Litterman

If you got a 76% last year on essays you would be better than everyone on AF. Congrats.

surely that’s not literally true?!?! yikes, I may need to re-evaluate the way I scored myself. I know you have been a grader, prehaps you can provide some tips. Or if you have provided them in the past just point me in the right direction.