CFA 2009 exam format change They change from 4 options down to 3 options.

We know that already.

Wonder what impact that’ll have on the pass rates. You’ve got a 33% chance of getting the right question and with some educated guesses, might actually bring your probably up to above 50%. Shall be interesting to see the outcome. All I know is should I pass L3, I want them to continue to make the exams as hard as possible!

It will have not affect b/c the 4th one was also eliminated right away anyways.

I used to think that as well but I bet you there are more people than you think that would tick off the 4th answer that some of us would eliminate. I’d be curious to see the statistical results on this but now that you mention it, I’m sure CFAI did all their research to ensure they keep the pass rates unchanged even with this format change.

Yes, I agree. I am pretty sure the pass rate will remain constant.