CFA 2010 mock Ethics Q6 PM sessions

In question 6, doesn’t the 3rd policy actually comply with CFAI. -“In their relationship with corporate issurers, analysts are prohibited from sgaring with or communicating to the subject company, prior to publication, any section of the research report”.


Policy 3 is wrong because I believe the analyst can share a section that is factual, and ask the company for confirmation. The analyst, however, cannot share any section that communicates the proposed recommendation, rating or price. This includes forecasts.

hi kyh, I did realize that an analyst can share factual info(if he needs to verify accuracy), but I am having trouble interpreting questions- as I presumed that the analyst would be sharing his report(i.e., his analysis). Any idea how to tackle such questions?

Yea, its hard I agree.

My intuition was that the phrase _ any section of the research report_ was too strong as we both agree that he can share factual info.

I got that qn wrong too anyway, haha =)