CFA 2011 Mock - Derivatives AM session

In exhibit 2 that is used for questions 8,10, and 11, is the “Days” column supposed to be 45,135,225,315 instead of 90,180,270,360?

Your right there was an Errata. It’s 45 135 225 315

i think the solution says to use the same rights and do 45/360 for example.

Thanks, appreciate that. Was gong nuts trying to figure this out.

That was such a painful topic. I must’ve spent 40 minutes trying to calc multiple PV factors and having to recheck when the answer didn’t come out close enough, especially for that currency swap! grrr. My strategy will be to leave any currency swap calculations and come back to them if I have time. It was way too much calculating for one mark and it completely threw out my timing for the rest of the exam.