CFA 2017 - Official Mock - Scores

I usually take this one as my last mock attempt, as it is the most representative of the exam. How did you guys score in it? Just wondering whether I am in good shape or not.

AM: 72%

PM: 70% (felt a lot harder than AM)

AM: 68%

PM: 80%

82% AM. I’m doing PM a bit later. One thing that stood out was how quickly I finished it. Lots of concepts and very few calculations. Hopefully there are more calcs on the PM version.

It isn’t. Compared to level 2 multiple choice Mocks much less calculations.

AM - 70

PM - 82

PM felt rough, am felt rough.

AM - 72%

PM - 78%

The individual investor question on PM was unreasonable in terms of time required.

how many other mocks you did and how much you scored in them?

I did

CFAI MOCKS: 2011, 2012, 2014 (A,B) and scored 70-78%

CFA AM Exams: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and scored 54-61%

I am just eating mocks everyday to increase study coverage.


68% and a 73%. I did it about 3 weeks ago though. I need to review it, but thought it was helpful. Revision is key the final week.

CFA AMs (2011-2016) ranges from 60% to 73% (average close to 70% i’d say).

Schweser (6 of them), AM usually around 65%, PM around 70%.

All the topic tests: average roughly 70% to 75%.

I am going to keep reviewing everything until exam day - at this point, not sure if there is anything I could do.

scored only a 60% on the AM (multiple choice) portion. found the wording for a number of questions to be pretty tricky… A bit disappointed.

Think its fair to assume that >90% of the people posting scores on AF are in the top 50%?

Some very bad wording… hence why for me its a few points below my Topic Test scores…


And on scores – 76% AM and 78% PM

Historically, at least based on results posted here, members of this forum have materially higher pass rates than average, across all levels.

In addition, for level 3, you have about 10% of people who probably never take a single AM mock exam prior to the test. Another 25-30% that are not native speakers and might have difficulty writing/understanding what’s being asked? In my test center (large US city), I’ve seen tens of people studying in the hallways using materials in foreign language, even though the test is obviously in English. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pass rates among active AF level 3 candidates were north of 65-70%.

Worth also mentioning that many people here claim to take 6-10AM mocks prior to the test, which I estimate to be significantly more than your average level 3 test taker.

The written section may be a problem for international students however since they’re at level 3, I would imagine they would be somewhat more serious that candidates who are just taking level 1 for the first time.

So, finished PM with the same score as AM of 82% heh. So both AM and PM were the same for me at 49/60 each. I felt like PM was a good bit more difficult though. I definitely was thinking about the questions more and it took me quite a bit longer to complete it than the AM.

That Private Wealth Management item set was a bit ridiculous.

Gurifissu you seem to be in very good shape then. Anyone who can average 70%s in CFA AMs can sleep well at night.

2017 Mock AM (CFAI Itemsets) - 77%

Several prior year AM exams (essays) - 62-69% - trying to grade myself harsh but no clue if I actually am

Topic tests - average 80% on first attempts. As for Schweser PM’s, the lowest I had out of five was 75%.

Did CFAI AM 2017 in 90 minutes and was very proud of myself until I clicked submit and received 65%. Now I’m a bit worried :slight_smile:

upd: CFAI PM - 77%.

Seems to be an average of mid to low 70% for most of us - a few outliers on the high end (high 70s low 80s).

Will be interesting to see the average of us passing.