CFA a.m. and p.m. scores

For those of you that have put in a full study schedule possibly going back to November or December, where are you coming in at on all the practice exams? Not concerned with those that just started in March or have only put in the minimum study hours. Curious if this is below average or normal… felt like I should have crushed the 2012 mock but it was very tough. Lots of work to do on risk management and derivatives…

Here are mine:

2012 p.m. mock- 70%

2011 a.m.- 76%

2010 a.m.- 80.5%

2009 a.m. - 76%

2008 a.m.- 81.5%

Is it work doing prior to 2007 a.m. exams? What about any of the Schweser exams, particularly the p.m. exams?

You are VERY well positioned if you are grading honestly and timing yourself.

Given that nobody really knows how these tests are graded, it would be difficult to compare one’s AM scores with another. That said, I am averaging in the high 60s in the morning and the low 70s in the afternoon. The first few tests were untimed – the last one (2010 am / 2011 pm) was timed and my average score came right in at 69%

I’ve logged probably over 600 hours so I feel like these aren’t that terrific… especially the p.m. score.

Hoping Creighton will teach me some new tricks and I am going to re-do all EOCs the week prior to exam. Those things are time consuming but there is no better way to learn the CFA way.

600 hours?? Wow, that’s pretty serious. As said countless times, this is just one person’s approach, but with 600 hours under your belt and good scores, I wouldn’t plow through all the EOCs again.

I keep an index card with the Readings/LOS of questions I got wrong on previous exams (have done five Schweser and one CFA sample so far). Under 70% gets a dot, under 60% gets a star, and anything I’ve been savaged on i.e. <50% or repeat poor performance gets two stars. Then I drill into those rather than just a blanket recap.

Again, I’m not saying this is great or not, but it helped me focus and pass L2 last year as a retaker, and I think it’s helping me this year, but that remains to be seen.

EOC and BlueBox Examples may cost me 2 weeks to review. Any suggestion to speed up? Many questions are just like new questions to me.

Yes 600 plus, I read the entire curriculum and was done with my second pass through EOCs by mid April. I like the index card idea, you are more organized than me but I have written down my weak areas for both calculations and qualitative areas.

Doing the EOCs the entire last week (I’m off from work) was my way of doing a complete review of all the material just prior to the exam. I will probably skip through certain areas of course.

So back to my main post… where is everyone’s scores coming in? Is doing 2007 and prior morning exams beneficial?

Wow, scores look great. If I was scoring in the mid 70s on AM exams while grading the test strictly I would be feeling like a million bucks right now.

Do you work? I am not trying to be offensive, but I think I am going to put in close to 300 hrs by the time the test comes and I am struggling to find the time to do that.

I do work but I started early and have been extremely strict with my study schedule. I’ve also skipped out on lots of activities, like st patricks day, mardi gras, etc… Been using the “I gotta study” excuse with friends for faaaar too long. Ready to get this over with.

I feel good but we all have experienced these exams. All it takes is one bad testing day… I am not going to let up untl June 3rd

Good for you then, way to stay disciplined.

Coming from NOLA, I can say that if there was one week I was going to skip partying it would be Mardi Gra. It would take your brain a good 3 days to recover.

totally. I was down there for a bach party several weeks ago. The Quarter is the dirtiest place on the planet… the smells alone will knock you out.

okay supose no one will comment on Schweser p.m. exams, a.m. exams prior to 2007, or scores…

Didnt catch that question. Schweser exams are all around very helpful IMO. I can’t speak to before 07 morning test, i did not do them.

okay thanks. I’ll work the p.m. exams.

you ll pass. go play

600 hours. damn.

600 hours! you are gold … Hope you don’t set the MPS for us like the contango curve !

Can somebody please

be kind enough to send me

the old exam pdf’s via email:

It would mean a lot because I am having a hard time finding where I downloaded mine

3 months ago (it could be one of the 4 computers I use… and I can’t find them)


LincolnLogs, you’re golden. As for us mortals - what scores on the mocks would make you feel comfortable going into the real exam? I was feeling decent getting 60s - 70s with this much time left, then I just got a 58% and that’s when the cold sweats started. Anybody wanna take early guess at MPS?

I always aim for a MPS of 68% on these tests and try to have mid 70’s scores on mocks going into the exam.

I’ve done 1 schweser AM mock and scored a 71%, so doing OK so far I think.

Are you a re-taker? 600 hours on the first time around would be insane.