CFA after CA British Citizen

I’m a UK based Chartered Accountant having done the ICAS exams, got 5 years Post Qualified Experience.

I’m 35 and looking to emigrate from the UK, ideally to the US but can’t see any real route there at the moment.

Really prefer the look of the CFA qualification and the work it entails. Is it worth me doing the CFA or should I just seek a job by giving a good interview and leveraging the CA experience?

Keen to maybe move to Singapore/Canada/Dubai if I can’t move to the US, would a CFA stand me in better stead for a job abroad than a CA? Or would it all end up in the same situation where I need a job in the UK with a multinational then to transfer over?

Just curious as to whether a CFA would make it quicker and easier to get a job in the above countries.

Any thoughts appreciated