CFA after CA


I am planning to take up CFA Level 1 in June 2018. I have completed CA Final, but i am in a dilemma as to which company and department i can join as to it aids to to my profile and also for CFA.

I am currently working in Statutory audit division in one of the big4. I am tensed as to whether il be able to place myself in division which is required fro work experience for CFA as ive heard people telling that you will be treated as an accountant once joining audit division. i am actually interested in entering M & A division. Please guide me

Where are you located?

If you are interested in M&A you should start to network with the partners and other senior managers who are already in the M&A division at your firm.

I am located at bangalore. There are no openings at my firm. I’ve tried in other big4’s too but I have not received any interview call yet.

What could be the best career option if I am interested in equity research and valuation being a chartered accountant