CFA after CPA

How much does a CPA help you while studying for CFA?

After passing the CPA exam early last year, I have finally taken the plunge and registered for the CFA exam -June 16.

I have gone through a couple of readings of financial reporting and analysis section and it seems that I have covered quite a bit while stuidying for the CPA.

Not that the two are related, but just anxious to know, if it would just ease out the burden of going through so much content (studying the CFAI issued material).

financial reporting is a big portion of level 1 and level 2 and often requires the most memorization in the program.

you will have a huge advantage. but you still need to study hard

I’m a CPA. I was also a financial statement auditor for a large firm for 4 years. Huge advantage. It made much of L1 and L2 nothing more than a review. I passed all 3 levels on the first attempt and I attibute much of that to being a CPA. If I had known how much overlap there is I would have done it much sooner. The overlap goes well beyond just the FRA topic. It’s also a big part of corporate finance, FI and Equity valuation.

I’m a CPA and FS auditor. I doubt can I become a charterholder if I pass all 3 levels since I am currently not in invest banking? During the career I was providing outsource accounting services for several entities inside this sector.

Why CPA? isn’t it the crappier version of CA?

^Read the required experience necessary,given your background you may have a better chance at qualifying than a banker would who does IPO/Corp fin type of stuff.

I made some test on CFA site and got a response that I could be chartered (with some chance) but I am not yet sure.


I got local certifications for CPA (CA), CFSA as well as passed a brokerage and invest advisory exam, not US exams. Ocassioanly trading stocks and manage family portfolio (including US stocks and ETFs).

What is CPA(CA)??

CPA =|= CA. CA in Australia is ICAA.

And CA (or ICAA) >>>>> CPA because Chartered >>>>>> Certified.

I live in Croatia, so I have Croatian version of CPA or CA. That was the point. I do not live in US nor Australia.








No, why?

Do you have Croatian background?

I like financial sector accounting and auditing, don’t like count wooden beams and livestock, unfortunately I live and work at a market where I have to accept any offer.

I am declared as Roman-Catholic but ussualy don’t like go to church if I don’t have to.