CFA after name on resume

When putting the CFA after your name on a resume Do you put it in a small Font or the same Font? I have been putting it in a slightly smaller font. Curious what others do?

Curious about this as well. Do people put CFA after their name in large text at the top, or simply reference it in a separate section below?

i reference it in the education section

It’s against ethics to have it in larger text than your name, or having it too prominently

My question is do you put it in the “same size” text as your name or “smaller text”… I had my name at 18, and the CFA letters at 10… Didn’t want to shout it out

I think thats your personal preference, if it were me, I’d have it in the same size

I think the code of ethics says you cant use a bigger font. I am not sure about smaller font but why take the risk.

use common sense

well if you use it on top, than i would use the same size. if you refer it in the education section, your name will not be needed… i’ve seen resumes from other charterholders, most of them do not use it at the top…

I think it would look a tad goofy to have it in a smaller font. I mean on your business cards it is the same size as your name right?

Use it at the top in the same font size. Then reference the program in the Education section of your resume (there is a standard one or two-liner available from CFAI on their website somewhere…something about depth of curriculum, self-study, industry standard, etc.) You definitley don’t want to have two different font sizes in the title of your resume (John Doe, CFA). That’d be weird.

Mine reads: IhEaRtIhEaRtMaTh, cFa

Ako Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > use common sense Best answer ever

What are the chances that the person looking at your resume would not go as far as to the bottom of the resume where your Education section is? Let’s say you are applying for a simple performance analyst position but your last two jobs are fund accountant and senior auditor at a public accounting firm. The guy looks at your first two jobs, not related to performance analyst and disregards your resume because he has dozens of performance analysts applicants already. Would he considered you if you were a charterholder? I am not a charterholder, but if I were, I would put it on top if your current experience is not fully relevant to the job you are applying. People might argue that if you are a charterholder you might have the experience, but it could have been two jobs ago and you are getting back… It is a tough market out there anything to grab the attention right away would help.

I personally would not want to work for someone who doesn’t have the capacity to read to the bottom of a 1-page document, but that’s just me.