CFA afternoon mock ethics Q29

Does anyone know why in the question 29 z table is given? I could get the answer correct as I used the ±1.96 for 95% confidence interval. Is the table given only to confuse people or we can look the values for this question in the table. Could someone please let me know how to look value for this question in the table?

It’s a typo…This is in quant section…

Since its a 5% level of confidence, you know that your positive test stat will lie at the high end of the distribution at 0.975 (100%-5%/2=97.5%). You use the chart to find the 0.975 and it corresponds to the 1.9 row and 6 (or .06, I can’t remember) column, which means your test stat is 1.96. But if you know that off the top of your head, all the better. CFA just doesn’t expect you to memorize the Z-chart so they provide you with it.

I mean I don’t remember the whole list but I at least know those 3 values.