CFA and Babies

Anyone else doing Level 2 with a baby? Have a 3 month old boy, and planning on taking Level 2 while on maternity leave. Anyone else?

The baby must be a genius!

I must be tired cause that was really funny.

IF you have a 3 month old and the test is in June how can you take Maternity leave. Are you taking the whole year off?

i have a 2 yr old son and am expecting #2 (another boy) in march of this year.

+1 for dimitrious who made me smile…

took it last year with a 6 week old. Got NO sleep the night before…

I’m single, live all by myself and find enough time to relax… still I didn’t get any sleep the night before ;-). Respect for all of you, though, this is exactly why I’m doing it now.

Last year my son was born in Feb. and I took a year off from the exam which is good because I don’t know how I would have done it on no sleep. I am taking L2 this June. It’s really hard but I started early and on the weekends I study when he naps. Good luck to all the parents!

Studies confirm that the CFA is dangerous for a babies health. Children must learn to say mama and dada before standard deviation…

So you voluntarily had a baby?

Dada? Arp?

Try to keep smoking to a minimum while breast feeding. Also, keep those hot things away from the little one’s reach. I attempted level I a couple years ago when my daughter had just turned one. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep, the 70-80 hour work weeks, the moonlighting job as a bartender or the evening master’s program that lead me to fail. Maybe it was the fact I just didn’t study enough. Try that - studying enough, and you should be fine.

Jeez Mcthorp, way to overextend yourself!!! I’m just sitting here trying to feed my son, troll analystforum, and go through my notecards at the same time, and it’s not that bad! Are you doing Level 2 with us now? GL!

just passed Level 1 in December and will be taking L2 in June. First child (daughter) due first week of March. This will be interesting…

I have a three year old who made studying for LI brutal “Daddy, why do you need to study? Don’t you want to play with me?” Baby #2 due in Sept. Hopefully I will have passed LII.

2 year old and 2 month old…youngest came weeks before L1 exam. Brutal!

I have a 3year old, thank God for my wife for being understanding and thank God for my mistress for everything else.

Full time job + 3 kids (ages 7, 4, & 2) - it’s brutal but will give it a shot!

no kids that I know about…hoping I don’t get any phone calls between now and June.