CFA and Bankruptcy

Out of curiousity, can a charter holder lose their charter if they declare bankruptcy? I know for Chartered Accountants this can lead to losing their CA, wondering if the same applies to CFA holders. I’ve searched through the ethics and can’t find anything on bankruptcy and insolvency. Thanks.

Charterholders are not perfect, life happens. A nasty divorce could drive one into bankruptcy. This doesn’t necessarily reflect poor competence, just an unfortunate event.

It’s ok to go into bk but if you do anything fraudulent (usually people who go into bk hide some assets, stash some cash, etc.) then you lose your charter.

if you lose it, can you ever get it back?

Or medical bills.

I don’t see the correlation. I can understand the arguement for a financial planner (though I don’t necessarily agree for reasons stated above (life-happens).

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Or medical bills. Ah yes, I suppose in the US that could happen.

CA’s can lose the charter for bankruptcy??? I have to ask my CA friends about this, thats a complete joke. CFA’s are from Mars and CA’s are from Venus

^ You don’t have to, i already called up an old prof to ask her to confirm (She is also on the disciplinary committee of the Institiute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario)