CFA and CMT together?

I’d like to get an advice from from the board members here. I’m a level 1 candidate. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to do CFA and CMT at the same time. I trade options very often and sometimes scalp eminis and forex on my account. Got my bachelor’s degree back in 2006 in information system and started a business (non-finance related) right after graduation. Basically, I have no work experience in finance field except for managing my own account. I’d be willing to go back to school for MBA (if i can get into a good school or if not will do MSF). I’m wondering what the best way would be if i’d like to work in finance field.

I know little about the CMT. However, I have a strong distaste for technical analysis, and I think CFAI tends to agree. The curriculum is based more around fundamental analysis using accounting and other economical information.

If I were you, I’d decide which one you believe in, and educate yourself accordingly.

And I certainly wouldn’t do both at the same time. You’ll find very quickly that you have your hands full with CFA if you go that route. There’s a practical limit on how much you can learn at once, and doing both would probably overload you.

What is it you want to do?

Or are you just applying to anything in finance and seeing what you get into? (no shame in this)

Thanks Greenman and Iteracom for the replies. @iteracom, I’m planning to go to Asia one day and start something there and therefore would like to have the Charter and MBA or master’s. (I’m oringinally from a country where we’d have a stock market starting in 2015). But without the proper work experience, I wouldn’t get the Charter. And I don’t know how to get into the finance field to get proper experience (We now trade our own accounts using mostly TA). So i’m not sure which path i should take.