CFA and FRM After Level 1

I’m currently targeting for nov’20 FRM part 1 and currently preparing for CFA level 1 pending june’20. what i want to ask is that will it be possible to pass the FRM within the given time frame exam? or should i target for nov’21 considering if I pass cfa level1 in June’20?
and also if possible please let me know how much CFA level1 syllabus overlap is their with FRM level1


Is it possible? Yes. Should you jump from one very difficult exam right into another and risk burning out? That is a question only you can answer.

I know that having a break between exams was really helpful to me. Think of it as an offseason to recharge like a professional athlete has.

Also, in my opinion life is too short to spend 3 years of it 100% dedicated to some professional exams. Take some trips and enjoy the important things in life during those precious off season months. I think that will actually make you both better prepared and a better person.

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Hello, since l passed the FRM part1 last year, now after l study the CFA1 for a few days, I find that CFA1 may cover a wider range of knowledge than FRM part1 (currently l think, because l haven’t finished studying CFA yet, but just study for a few days), but the knowledge you should handle in FRM may be more deeper , for the question length, overall difficulty, calculation complexity, FRM may be much more difficult than CFA, some FRM questions can even be seen as a short passage, with five or six line or more in a single problem, but, since you study both CFA1and FRM1 ,you can apply some knowledge you gain while studying CFA1to study FRM1 , after you finished the CFA1 exam, you should keep the study pace to conquer another challenging exam ,then l think pass both of them is not a very difficult problem. Also, if you feel very tired after the CFA1 exam and want to have a rest, l suggest you to take the FRM1 in May next year.

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