Am currently preparing for CFA dec level 1 exam, if I should pass, I don’t intend to take the June 2014 level 2 exam as I feel the time will be small for me to prepare. I started preparing for the dec level 1 exam nov last year. My question is, will my study for CFA dec level 1 exam help me to prepare for May level 1FRM exam. Thanks for your anticipated responses

In terms of overlapping curriculum, yes it will help.

But…you have to bear in mind that FRM part I is intensly quantitative and more advanced than CFA L I…more into L II from what I heard from FRM CFA Charterholders.

FRM part I is shorter in scope than that of CFA LI, but it is harder to understand and more difficult to practice on.

Start early and do hundreds of practice questions…that’s the only advice I can give you.

Good luck