Am currently preparing for CFA dec level 1 exam, if I should pass, I don’t intend to take the June 2014 level 2 exam as I feel the time will be small for me to prepare. I started preparing for the dec level 1 exam nov last year. My question is, will my study for CFA dec level 1 exam help me to prepare for May level 1FRM exam. Thanks for your anticipated responses


Ok thanks, but some just told me level 1 is more of level 1&2 of the CFA




Gypsy makes some compelling arguments. Hard to disagree with that.

LOL yzerizef… and they have posted it thrice to stress the argument HAHA

suspense im also registered for frm level-1 in nov. and i have appeared in CFA level-2 this june. the things welearn in CFA level-2 will help in FRM level-1 but reverse is true as well. the things we learn in FRM will help in CFA level 2.

its entirely your call but if you ask me, if you can do well in CFA level-1 you can surely do well in FRM level-1.

hope this time my so compelling arugument is not posted thrice LOL

I have taken and passed FRM Part 1, and I have the CFA Charter. I can tell you, based on the Part 1 of the FRM I just took in November 2012, I really doubt that what you learned in CFA Level 1 is going to have a tremendous overlap with FRM Part 1.

Most people that would say there is a lot of overlap are either speculating (but haven’t taken the exams), or took these exams so long ago that they are not fresh in memory.

These exams are like apples and oranges. Much more quant and risk policy stuff in the FRM than you will ever have exposure to at any level of the CFA exams.

I totally agree with Destroyer of Worlds.

and I too have taken both the FRM and CFA level 1.

the only topics that both FRM and CFA overlap on are CAPM, basic probability, Portfolio theory (capital market line, Securities market line) and they make up no more then 5% (rough guess) of the total FRM exam.

FRM is must more quantitative and the actually exam requires good understanding of each topic and the exam questions are tricky. where as the CFA exam in part can be very text book and personally for me CFA level 1 was much more enjoyable then the FRM level 1. But it all depends on your background and how comfortable you are at grasping the concepts.