CFA and GMAT at the same time?

Agree with Bromion. I’ve heard this from a few people who scored a 6 on the AWA. The Princeton Review has a decent template that I read last night. Basically just what Bromion said.

Doing two important things at the same time usually means you will not have your cake and eat it too.

Hi folks, Do you have OG 11 in pdf? please help!

i got 4.5/6 on AWA, i guess i rambled a bit about politcs and what not :slight_smile:

l2djae Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am looking for some advice from someone that had > to study for both tests at the same time. > > Here’s my situation: I’m a Level 3 candidate for > '09. I would also like to start applying to > b-schools in '09 for '10 matriculation. I’m > shooting for a 720+ GMAT score, but I realize that > this will take a lot of work. My original plan was > to study for my GMAT for 3 months (Sept.-Nov). > Then begin studying for the CFA in late Nov. > However, what I’ve realized in the first few weeks > of studying for the GMAT is that I may have > drastically underestimated the test (There are > lots of things to review from 10th grade math and > English!). So I may still be studying for this > test come January or February in order to attain > my goal of 720+, which would mean that it would > overlap with my CFA study plans. > > To make my long story short, does anyone have any > experience in studying for both these tests at the > same time…and working! If so, can you give me > any advice on how you achieved it? Did one study > hinder the other? Is it difficult to change from > GMAT study mode to CFA study mode in the same day? > > > Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks > in advance! Yo dude…can you e-mail me ASAP: zimzim78 at hot…male dottt com