CFA and GMAT at the same time?

I am looking for some advice from someone that had to study for both tests at the same time. Here’s my situation: I’m a Level 3 candidate for '09. I would also like to start applying to b-schools in '09 for '10 matriculation. I’m shooting for a 720+ GMAT score, but I realize that this will take a lot of work. My original plan was to study for my GMAT for 3 months (Sept.-Nov). Then begin studying for the CFA in late Nov. However, what I’ve realized in the first few weeks of studying for the GMAT is that I may have drastically underestimated the test (There are lots of things to review from 10th grade math and English!). So I may still be studying for this test come January or February in order to attain my goal of 720+, which would mean that it would overlap with my CFA study plans. To make my long story short, does anyone have any experience in studying for both these tests at the same time…and working! If so, can you give me any advice on how you achieved it? Did one study hinder the other? Is it difficult to change from GMAT study mode to CFA study mode in the same day? Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

i’m going through the same thing right now. just started studying for gmats, test date in late november. taking level III next june. i think 2-3 months should be enough for gmat. i don’t plan to start studying for level III until january. i don’t think it’s really that big of an issue.

Hey Slave (it’s funny saying that BTW), Thanks for your reply. It’s good to see there are others in the same boat . Have you taken a diagnostic test yet? If so, can I ask what you got? Also, what books are you using beside the OG? And what is your study plan? I plan to put in about 2 hours a day on the weekdays and practice exams/review answers on the weekends. Let me know how you progress through the month. Maybe we can share some insights. BTW, I just discovered It’s a very helpful site for GMAT, very much like this forum for the CFA. Good luck!

even i consider 3 months of RIGOROUS study to be enough for GMAT though it may vary for every individual. i am appearing for my GMAT in Oct this year and will start preparing for my L2 after that. Will try to get my applications done during November and December, in parallel with my L2 prep and then hit L2 hard come January. Aiming for above 720. let’s see what happens :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat. Shooting to take GMAT in late Nov. What materials are you guys using? I’m going to a Princeton Review info session tonight, but a buddy here in the office went with Manhattan Prep. Any particular preference for a provider? What’s the OG…official?

OG = official guide. i gave a manhattan prep mock w/o studying and got 680. someone suggested Manhattan is easier than actual GMAT. and have got to know that KAPLAN is a must. however, Mahattan books, for verbal atleast, are very good indeed. a must read i must say.

Aquabu - thanks for the insight dude. So you would recommend the OG? I’m trying to get a sampling of a few books…get exposure to as much as I can.

OG is a must must. i started with the Princeton book - not that great. Then did Manhattan books and online mock - doing OG now which has the original GMAT questions previously asked. - hence it’s a must. will start with Kaplan soon and finish it. - by then i will be set for my exam :smiley:

zimzim78, Do you by any chance live in Chicago? I only ask because I’m planning to go to the Princeton Review session tonight in Lincoln Park.

For sure dude…Sheffield & Cornelia (1 blk S of Wrigley). Pinkman (if you know of our antics from level 2) is meeting me there as well tonight. Princeton’s office is just around the corner of Sheffield & Diversey. Definitely introduce yourself tonight. I see that you are level 3; were you with us on this last go-round on the level 2 board? I don’t recall your name.

my diagnostic was atrocious, there is significant work to be done. it always amazes me seeing people score 700+ on diagnostics. how is that possible? who can remember any of that stuff about circles or rhombuses? i’m using: OG, OG verbal, OG math, all the manhattan books (no classes), and 800. studying for this thing is so painful. cfa study is fine, almost enjoyable because i’m actually learning something. this is just awful. makes it tough to get motivated.

Can you give a figure for what you paid for all the Manhattan books and the OG books?

check out OG11, Manhattan SC are the best resources gmatclub math challenges are best for math Chineeseburned notes (available on gmatclub) prepare for 6.0 AWA in 1 hour

i bought all used books on craigs list. i got all those books listed above for $100.

zimzim78 - I don’t frequent this forum that often; just from time to time. I’ll for sure introduce myself at the info session tonight. maratikus - I’ll check out that site. Thanks.

For the AWA, get a good template and memorize it. I didn’t practice or even look at it until I was literally in the parking lot for the test and I got a 6/6. Good luck

bryang Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > For the AWA, get a good template and memorize it. > I didn’t practice or even look at it until I was > literally in the parking lot for the test and I > got a 6/6. > > Good luck Agree. That’s why I suggested “Chineeseburned notes (available on gmatclub) prepare for 6.0 AWA in 1 hour”

where on gmatclub can i find the Chineeseburned notes?

billwest Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > where on gmatclub can i find the Chineeseburned > notes?

The AWA is a complete joke. Just write a standard five paragraph essay: Introductory paragraph: Topic sentence. Introduction. List of 3 points in support or opposition of topic sentence. Point 1 + support Point 2 + support Point 3 + support Summary and conclusion. You can finish the essays in 5-10 minutes each and get a 6 every time if you use this strategy. It’s really formulaic – the content is not particularly relevant as long as you don’t write something outlandish.