I am inquiring for a friend of mine who is in his third year of law school and writing the level 1 CFA exam. He will be articling for a respectable corporate law firm and is curious about career opportunities if he chooses to leave law after his first year with the firm. What are some possible career paths or opportunities that he should seek with the combination of a law degree and CFA?

Well, “you’re friend” will be in the same position as anyone else if he wants to go into the finance route. A JD/CFA will help in a compliance or legal role - such as prospectus drafting, SEC stuff, etc. But they are two different designations, and again, tell “you’re friend” it depends on how good he is, not how many designations he thinks will prove his smarts.

I know of a girl that made the jump from M&A law to an M&A group as an associate at a BB. She didn’t have a CFA though.