CFA and Multinationals

Hello everyone! So I recently completed my undergrad in Finance and will be joining as a Management Trainee in a leading Multinational. I plan on staying in the corporate sector and in finance or maybe move into management consulting in a couple of years. so my question is will pursuing a CFA help me with my career progression or is better to go for an MBA?

MBA is the way to go for Management Consulting. CFA is better suited for careers as research analysts or in asset management.

CFA probably won’t help you much explicitly, but it might still be useful for personal knowledge. It’s worth a lot of money to develop a personal investing knowledge framework. If you have 100-200 a year to spare, then it could still be worthwhile.

Makes sense

True. But the investment when it comes to time is huge and ive heard its a huge struggle with a full time job so I would want to make an informed decision. Does the CFA help with MBA applications?

CFA won’t help with MBA applications.

Ok, if you’re the sort of person who will struggle to complete the program, obviously, you should think harder about committing time to it. From my experience though, CFA is one of the easiest exams I’ve done…

A level 3 pass will acquit you from requiring to do GMAT at UofT Rotman Business School. so thats like a small perk there

I would agree that the CFA is not difficult in terms of understanding the material, however, as ohai mentioned, if you have trouble committing to something that requires intensive work (think around 1,000 hours of studying for all 3 exams combined) then you should think well about the CFA before jumping into it.