CFA and the road ahead

Fellow addicts, You are an adict if u checked the board more than once today…guilty? Yes me too. Now, after taking the test, how many of you when reading the financial pages feel that so many of these writers are just plain misleading? Is it just me?

misleading propaganda in the financial press??? way would never happen

lol, Dubs :wink:

They lie/mislead because they are clueless. Just like Mr Bush. :wink:

im in australia, and it really shts me whenever politicians try to “urge the reserve bank NOT to raise interest rates”

yeah me too, i hate it how every man and his dog is suddenly an economics professor now after the election, drives me crazy, or people ringing up wanting to sell their shares coz labors in

yeh man, like, the plebs dont understand that the reserve bank is independent, and the politicians are too stupid to realise that the RBA’s one goal is to monitor inflation…

yeah or bitching about interest rates, and then wanting a high dollar and lots of gov spending/ tax cuts…

my bloods boiling just thinking about it