CFA app error

Just registered for Level III. My iPhone CFA app pops a “failure connecting to content servers” error message. Anyone else seeing a similar issue?

Truly a tell. You’ve already failed. Sorry. Good luck on June 22 2019.

Yeah, all of us waiting for results had the same error all year long. It was quite annoying.

I am getting the same failure. Maybe once the CFA level III candidates get their results, it will work…?

Thanks guys… hope the issue gets fixed soon.

Here’s the update I got from the CFA Institute about this error…“We are excited to announce that we are working to improve the resources we offer to our candidates. While we make this transition, the CFA Program Study app and Interactive Study Planner are no longer available for June 2018 candidates. However, the new Learning Ecosystem, which will include the topic tests and mock exam, will be available beginning on 1 October 2017”

And to all those waiting for Level III results…wish you the very best. I hope all of you pass!!!