CFA Audiobooks - iPad and iPhone compatible

Hi fellow analysts,

Is there anyway for me to listen to CFA curriculum on my iPad or iPhone?

Wow! in this economy you have both an iPAD and iPhone? Lucky you wink

Schweser sells audio cds in mp3 format, it’s basically an audio-book of the schweser notes. I found them helpful to review topics I had already read while in the car or doing other things. They are a bit pricey, however.

I had the online version of curriculum and used balabolka to read the ethics for me. just select the text that you want and copy paste it into balabolka save as MP3 put on any smartphone and listen to it while in bed. that’s the way I learned ethics and gips.

Thanks Sherbeer, I may do the same. One issue though…when I copy and paste from Vital Source I get something like this

the sample arithmetic mean total return or sample geometric mean total return as an estimate of the expected return;

(Institute 24)

Institute, CFA. CFA Institute Level III 2014 Volume 3 Capital Market Expectations, Market Valuation, and Asset Allocation. John Wiley & Sons P&T, 2013-07-12. .

  1. is there a way to copy and paste without getting the footnote? Otherwise it’s going to be very time consuming…

  2. could I download just my highlights so I can copy and paste them directly into balabolka (or any other text-to-voice software)?

Thank you!