CFA book question Vs Schweser QBank

i have been doing Schweser Qbank for 3 weeks now. reading each LOS and doing respective Qbank questions. I realize that the questions on Qbank are relatively easier than Back of chapter questions in CFA books. how much should i rely on my performance in Qbank? what you guys think about the difficulty level of qbank Vs CFA and what you all think is best performance measurement.? I plan to do the Vol 1 Exam in next 1 week and than after attempt CFA sample and mock exam Thank you all , Good Luck

Qbank questions provide a good indication, albeit not exact replicas of CFA standard. More calculations in Qbank than actual CFA questions I believe. As a performance measurement…Qbank is good. It gives you a ball park idea if you are getting the concepts or not. E.g. if you are scoring like 50% on Qbank, you know you don’t know the material. If you are scoring >70ish you know you are on course. Good luck