CFA books or schweser notes?

What are people studying? I will start studying starting next week and looks like I might get to only one. Don’t have lot of background in finance What is the verdict?

Never used Schweser but I wanted assume its comparable to Stalla. I used Stalla last time around and couldn’t have been more disappointed. This time, I have been using the CFA-supplied material and I am understanding everything much easier…only downside is that they don’t supply many practice questions. You only get the ones at the back of the readings. My advice, for what its worth, study from the CFA books then get qbank, or something similar, and take practice exams. Good Luck!

Not sure you have the time for institute notes mate…run with schweser. Unless you’re not working or something…

agreed. no time for cfai books at this stage. leave a few weeks for lots of questions and past papers