cfa books or shweser

hello , just got my cfa books and theyre massive . im thinking of getting the schweser and studying from there . if i have the time ill study the cfa ones as well . does anyone recomend this ? are the schweser a faster read ? thanks

That’s a very common and often successful route. Read Schweser and go to the source where you need more or different explanation.

Schweser is a faster read, but you still have to put the time in. I used only Schweser for level 1 and passed. I didnt find much on the test that they didn’t cover. That being said, it still took me 200-250 hours to prepare…but thats better than the 300+ it would have taken me to get through the longer CFAI materials.

I have been reading the CFA books. It took me about a month to read each of the texts. I personally feel that the Schweser books are not enough info. They are very abbreviated in their supply of the information. Even though some people say they passed using only the Schweser books I was not comfortable relying on Schweser. I reccomend just biting hte bullet and reading those texts. Youy will feel good when you do, then use the Schweser to review. But that’s just me.

appreciate the advice . thanks