CFA books vs Schweser vs Stalla

Hey everyone, I just failed L3 (first attempt) using Stalla. I had also prepared with CFA book questions, did all samples / mocks, but still did not get through. I did have a baby 2 days before, so thats my excuse. Looking to next year though, I feel that CFA books should be used thoroughly, i.e. read the text, answer all questions and then supplement by doing questions from Stalla / Schweser. Going the other way goes against what CFA wants you to do. So I know its hard to go through some of the text, but I think it breaks it down to a pretty granular level, and ensures that you do not miss anything - something probable with any of the summary providers. Any thoughts on this? I definitely dont want to take this a third time, but I want to know if you guys think that CFA books are a complete waste. I find it hard to believe they would be, given that the CFA would probably test you on some obscure topics not in the Schweser/Stalla books…

Notes worked fine for LI and LII, why change it up now?

I passed L1 & L2 using only Schweser For L3 I used mainly Schweser supplemented with CFA books. I passed. If i had to do L3 again, I would pay a little more attention to the CFA books.

Thanks Ben. That helps. I think I will concentrate on CFA books.

FWIW, I took level 2 mutliple times w/ notes and only until this year when I exclusively used CFAI books did I pass and I plan to do the same for L3 so I only have to take it once!!