CFA books vs Schweser

I have identified that I would get the Schweser books if I do choose to buy supplementary materials. But I have to decide CFA books or Schweser. In percentage terms, how much reading is there for Schweser compared to the CFA books. For instance, if CFA books is 100 pages and Schweser is 50 pages, that would be 50%. Any other ideas on CFA books vs Schweser?

This has become the new cfa vs mba

It depends on your knowledge of the material ahead of time. I think if you have a solid finance background, you will be fine with Schweser. You should not however just let your CFAI books collect dust because you have supplementary material. Do the practice problems in the back of each reading after you cover the section in Schweser, make sure you know the concepts the way the CFAI tests them aswell as how Schweser puts together the questions. If any questions pop up in the CFAI books that you don’t remember covering in Schweser, red flag it, and go back and re-read that section on the CFAI text to be absolutly sure you know what they want you to know.,1090217,1091510#msg-1091510 There is an interesting discussion that I started after my L1 exam. My ideas are definitely not absolute and so you get to hear what other people have to say about this as well.

Are the CFAI “books” actual hardcover texts or are they photocopied excerpts from books? I am asking because $710 isn’t enough to cover brand new texts and exam fees (one would think). Thanks.

You realize that the CFAI curriculum books come at no additional charge with your exam registration, right?

They make you buy it by saying that it is free when you pay them $1000.

The exam fees are $710 and the “books” come with. I still don’t have an answer - and you guys realize that nothing is free, right? Are the materials just paperbound reprints?

The CFAI books are paperbound books. I think there are 6 of them; one for each major subject. Each chapter starts with the LOS, then the reading, summary, questions and answers. I’m using the CFA books as my primary study tool, and the Elan guides and Qbank for review and practice questions. Merry Christmas!

Horse Girl - thanks so much for a straight answer. Good luck studying, and maybe we’ll chat again soon. Merry Christmas back at ya.

The books are $220. I know because I got a scholarship and I only had to pay for the books. Not getting them is not an option.

Use both. Schweser is good for understanding the concepts. CFAI text is good for the nitty gritty. You need both of these to do well.