CFA Books

I feel like I took the entire wrong approach to studying for this thing…I read through all of the CFA books instead of review books which felt like a huge waste of time…am i screwed? hopefully not, and I pass, then i will have learned for part II

I wouldn’t say so. It is true that L1 can easily be passed from just using review books( in contrast to L2 and L3), but it doesn’t mean you’re screwed using only CFAI for L1. Unless you’re trying to say you just finished reading through the CFAI books now, havn’t begun review, and don’t remember much. Then, I’d say you got a really rough next 5 days.

I’m with you! I really wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything so I ready every page of every book (and I hate reading) then moved to the scwheser qbank (which of course I went through every question) and am just getting to practice exams. Overall I am optimistic that it will help on the technical things you pick up from going through all the content but if I had it to do over I would do review books and do qbank at the same time to stay fresh on content from the beginning. To compensate, I took off work for the week to do practice exams.