CFA Boston Society mock exam

Is it worth paying $150 to do take the CFA Boston Society practice exam (offline version) ?

I have done 5 schweser 1 CFA 3 IFT 2 Wiley and scored good grades on all of them.

Still have 1 schweser 1 CFA to do

It’s worth $125 and not a penny more. Time to negotiate!

lmao. My areas society’s offline practice exam is literally 33.33% of that ($50). And I still was debating whether it was too much. Guess I’m signing up now, lol.

Wait.Holy…you’ve already done like 10 practice exams with seven weeks left!? Way to show everyone else up. In this case, to you it’s probably worth (-x*8) where x is how much you make per hour, lol.

You created a cfa practice exams utility function ?

Hey mmmask, did you end up getting the Boston Mock? I’m contemplating getting their offline mock, but not sure its worth $150… is it just 1 single mock?

Just check with your Local CFA Society. We pay $90 (AUD) in Australia when the exam is organized through CFA Society