CFA can be depressing

I was just thinking about that old stat where they say something like only 20% of the people who enroll in the program go on to become charterholders.

My old study group used to have 7 people in it. I’m the only one out of all of them who went on to become a charterholder. One of them is still trying, she’s on L3 for the second time. So, there’s still hope for one more from my group. But, everyone else, quit. Some folks failed L2 three times and hung it up. But damn, 1 ouf of 7. They were good people too. Some of them even had jobs that are way cooler than mine. I’m not going to say I’m the lucky one, I worked my dick off and earned this, but, it’s still sad. I guess in the moment I really thought that all of us would pass and go on to form a super pac sort of thing of best friends - hell, I even started sleeping with one of them before she moved to Chicago and ripped my heart out - I only keep in touch with 2 of them now.

Damn CFA program. It’ll change you. Feel bad for those who couldn’t make it.

You made it man! From now on, use your knowledge to save the world and people. :+1:

Congratulations on the pass, I am very sure that you’ve worked hard for it.

This is not the case with CFA only though, but with most professional qualifications (having worked in the Big4, I’ve seen people give up on all sort of qualifications). Most people who start these qualifications, end up not completing them. I believe the reason behind this is not extreme difficulty, but rather because unlike college, you are not granted the pass unless you do better than the rest of the candidates. It could become very daunting when you work hard, but not hard enough to be above the passing line. Whereas in university, a bit of work will grant you a pass, you are not competing with anyone.

I really believe that the key to passing these exams is determination and nothing else. If you are determinant enough to work very hard from the beginning to pass on the first attempt, or determinant enough to repeat an exam that you have failed. Either way determination will get you there.

h ahaaa when the going gets tough, the tough keep going. Two of my colleagues called it quits as well. One after failing L1, the other in november before L2.

There was also a stat on the divorce rate of candidates. That was a long time ago, and could have been written by The Onion though, so…whatever.

I studied alone, so can’t relate. Forever alone…

i knew 4 people that took the cfa with me. 3 of us got it in. 1 girl got an mba at lbs instead.

I like those odds :slight_smile: I guess it depends on the group who is taking the exam, are they weak or strong.

I started studying for CFA with two other guys at my firm (or ex firm), we are all L3 candidates now, so I am almost sure that the three of us will end up Charter-holders.

This thread is hilarious. Do you not have anything better to do that reminisce about the people you knew who didn’t complete the program? That is how life is. If you are ambitious and start achieving things, you will have no shortage of people who claim to want to emulate your behavior. The truth is, they don’t, or at least they aren’t willing to put in the work.

Strong first post there pal.

PS: A mastadon is a fake ass wannabe Wholly-Mammoth.

&haha nicely done

Not to be confused with a Partially-Mammoth, I presume?

better to be partially mammoth than nothing at all

studying for those exams was prolly the most depressing point in my life. imo quitting isnt necessarily a bad thing. its ok. its not the end of the world. and no one really gives a shit. i know cuz i used it for a pick up line. and had my hype men bring it up. it was not effective. talking about my college though, was super effective.

Are you saying you tried wheeling girls by talking about the cfa program? Can’t believe that didn’t work out.

You miss the shots you don’t take. That’s why I always take my shots. It’s not like I have to wait another year if I failed. Haha

A joke that no one will understand except someone who went through the CFA program lol

Yet I don’t see how you thought the CFA thing would work on a girl, if anything, it is repelling, it is a good warning sign from the start that I won’t have any time for you dear, and you will have to put up with it!

Bull was asking about you, because it seems you stole his shit and started putting it here.