CFA candidate in Central Bank. What kind of operations are valid experience for charter?


I am having an interview this week for a position in the Central Bank of an EU country. From a bit of research I have done I found out that there are several charterholders currently empoyed in the Central Bank. However, I believe that they went there after they have received their charter.

The position concerns financial analysis of banks, costing and budgeting. Unfortunately the job description is a bit vague and I will know more at the interview.

My question is whether a position at a regulator, like the one I have described, would allow me to gain experience in order to get the charter designation when I complete L3.

Does anyone have similar experience in a central bank that allowed him to earn the charter designation and if so from which operations ?

Thank you in advance

I think you’ll probably be fine. You produce work product that aids in the process (through regulation). If you’re actually doing analysis, I hope they’d give you the nod over these nonsense auditors that get approval. Good on you considering serving the public good. Good luck and keep us posted.