CFA candidates in Atlanta?

anyone else studying in the Atlanta area? would be nice to be able to cross reference in town. mc

I’m in ATL. What level are you taking?

I’m taking the Dec level 1. How about you? mc

L2 in June '09, but I know some Atlanta folks taking L1 in Dec. Did you read this?,729237

thanks for that link cjones. I just posted a note and hope to get linked in w/that group. fwiw…how challenging would you say the actual test was…L1? thanks again! mc

When I left the Civic Center, I was convinced that I’d failed. In fact, I even picked right back up the following Monday after the exam, and kept at the material (16 hours a week) up until just a few days before the results were posted. Looking back, the exam was not as difficult as I thought it had been (a lot of the morning session consisted of what I thought to be no-brainers). The afternoon session was more challenging than the morning session, and that contributed to my shaken confidence. I took all of the CFAI practice exams, and studied Schweser notes and the CFAI curriculum for 10 days straight prior to the test date. One thing that sets the ATL test center apart though, the fact that CFAI provides everyone in our center with free Chick-fil-a biscuits and ice cream cones before and after the exam really helps morale, which is why Atlanta has a much higher pass rate than other cities. However, they only provide Domino’s for lunch, and I hate Domino’s.

I have decided to go strickly w/the CFAI books. I understand that they are overly verbal at times, however I want to have as much information as possible. How much value would you say Schweser provided for you? Also, is 16hrs/ wk the schedule you maintained throughout the process? I only got my curriculum within the past week or so, so I am aiming at doing at least 20hrs/ wk. I’m so eager to get this ball rolling… oh, one other question, did you proceed in the order provided by the CFAI? I’m in bk 1, Standards & Codes stuff. mc

Personally, Schweser’s notes were invaluable in discerning the need-to-know information from the fluff in the curriculum. The CFAI questions (from the books and online exams) were also critical. I slacked off for the most part of my studying period (averaging <5 hours a week), but averaged 12-16 hours per day for the last week and a half before the exam. I did go in order- hitting back on FSA after one full read-through. Hope this helps.

big, big help. i’m so happy i found this site. i can ask a million & 1 questions, but it really doesn’t matter much unless i get down to business and do the reading/ studying. thanks again! mc