CFA career prospects in UK


Ever since graduating 4 years ago I have been working as a buy-side equity analyst at a French intermediate-sized boutique asset manager (not a tiny one but mid-sized) where I am also involved in fund management. Lately I have been trying to move into a similar position at a bigger AM firm in London but I never reach the interview stage and my applications receive a prompt rejection. Do you think for breaking into a job in London you need to have actually studied and worked there for a while? I have a masters degree from a prestigious French university and have only worked and interned at the firm I am currently in, so do you think my lack of internship at a major AM company and only French education are a significant drawback to landing interviews in the UK? I tick the boxes in the job description relevant to education, work experience, even hold the CFA designation which the job postings list as a feature of the ‘ideal candidate’, yet do not seem to grab the attention of recruiters. Which makes me think my resume is fundamentally flawed as an out-of-town candidate, lacking experience at big recognizable competitors? I would appreciate any thoughts you might have

I don’t think you are disqualified from jobs because you’re foreign. There are obviously many French people working in London. It would obviously be easier if you had more local experience, but there doesn’t seem like there is anything you can do except keep trying and hope that eventually some job will be a good fit for you.

Thank you for your response. I will keep on hunting for job openings but I guess the market is too competitive for some random atypical profile to get any attention.

I’d say it isn’t great. I’ve been looking for 18 months and the general awareness of CFA is pretty poor. People even equate it to the IMC, which is much easier. Unless you are applying to a pure fund management role where the hiring manager is a CFA, don’t expect many to know about it. It’s been an uphill struggle for me so far even with 15 years experience and the CIPM and being a Londoner.

OP: have you had your resume reviewed professionally? You could PM another user here: Numi - he does some consulting on the side. I’ve never used his service but he’s a quality (occasional) poster here and I think here works as a PM at a hedge fund.