CFA certificate arrived

CFA certificate arrived this morning and damn is it big!
As if my ego isn’t already overinflated enough because I nailed this exam :laughing:

Has anyone inflated their ego even further by getting this framed?

I could totally hang it up on the wall beside my desk for everyone on a video call to see but I’d be the first person to take the p1ss out of anyone doing this…

Does this cert just sit in its tube like my uni cert for years to come so that one day when I’m old and moved on, my kid can have the pleasure of tossing it in the trash :thinking:

What have you done with your cert??

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Yes you should get it framed.

Only loser ass hardos keep it in the tube so they can brag about it 20 years later.


my cfa is tubed. but to be fair my undergrad would have been tubed if my parents did not take initiative. this is all thats posted in my walls. frucking notes. of formulas and cheat sheets for classes lol.

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There’s a thread in which @125mph posted a picture of his framed charter. I don’t recall the title of the thread, but you could look through his posts.

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You talking about this thing?

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That’s the one!

I have framed mine, but it’s in the box the frame came in, in the garage. Don’t have a good spot for it since my office area is in an open space in the house and it seems a little much. But I did hold it up like a knight’s shield and pretended I was on Game of Thrones for my wife and daughter and they had a good laugh.

We’ll probably move in a few years time and if I ever get a proper office I’ll hang it up next to my CAIA cert.

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So you have it framed then :thinking: Where is it on show?

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Haha well into the MBA then! How you finding it? Networking opps decent?

And is that a coffee machine beside your computer :joy:

This is a sick frame, almost nicer than the cert!
@125mph I need my 3 for 3 club invite promised back in 2019 :grin:

Yeah this is my problem, I don’t have a decent place to put it that feels right

i am finding tiktok more useful for networking. i’ve met a few multi millionaires through it. msot hte mba students are professional workers. aka ok income but not much wealth to speak of.

Is interesting, everyone chasing the dream, at least you’re around like minded folk. Only need to meet one partner in crime to springboard to that next level