CFA Charter Award - Sydney

Got the CFA Charter on 5-Nov-08 (as well as a certificate on passing all 3 levels from Local Society) got 80ish ppl there, but only 32 got the award (including those haven’t passed job requirement yet) - less than I expected

I did Level 3 exam in Sydney this year and cracked it, but I did not get the chance to attend this ceremony as I am now in overseas. I suppose a few candidates like me flying away and joined other local society. I can tell you graduated from UNSW, so do I =)

Hi, do the guys that have passed all 3 levels but don’t fulfill working experience yet really get a certificate too?

I went to my local (Atlanta) society for the charter reward yesterday, got about 20 some people there, 11 new charterholders (including myself). Feel so damn good when I finally held the charter in my hand.

i was busy and could not attend the award party in sydney… but not very interested… the sydney society sent me an invitation letter to attend the ceremony. the letter starts by Dear + someone’s name … They copied the invitation letter without changing the candidate name

My local society offers a “Letter of Achievement” if you are not awarded the charter after passing Level 3 this year. You must pay for the charter award dinner, otherwise you won’t get the letter.

I passed Level 3 this year, but I didn’t attend the dinner in Sydney. I also checked on the CFA Institute website, and it says my application for membership has been approved. But I haven’t heard from anyone since, so how do I actually get my CFA charter?

OK sorry guys, please disregard my post above. I just had a look around on the CFA Institute website and answered my own question. I should receive a letter in the mail from the Institute in the next few weeks, to confirm my CFA charter.