CFA Charter Framing

I cannot believe THE most important part of the whole journey only has one thread (an old one at that)! Most of us have spent years an countless sacrifices obtaining the paper. Now that you have it, you need to think about how to present it. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. There are so many options. Who to do the framing, how much to spend, and what framing options to use. I hope people will contribute photos of their charters here along with the price and framer name for future charterholders to reference when making that big decision. Size: The charter is larger than a standard diploma or other certificate. Is this something you like, or do you want to reduce it where possible? I chose to crop mine as much as possible leaving only an inch between the charter lettering and the inner most mat. Mat: How many do you want. You can choose single, double, or even triple matting. You also need to choose how much of each you want to show. Then, you choose the colors and textures of the mats. I chose the outer mat color of a smooth gray to match the shadow lettering of CFA Institute. A black mat about 1/2 inch is on the inside. A small third mat colored like the goldish CFA decal may have been cool too. Frame: Lots of options from size, shape, and color here. Black is probably the standard and would work well in either the office or at home. I went with a medium sized frame with some beveling, but nothing too flashy. Glass: You want to go with museum quality here as anything else diminishes the charter via glare. Framer: I went with Michaels. They have a large framing department, they have tons of options, and a staff that does a lot of framing. They also constantly run specials like 50% off. I didn’t have the coupon, but they gave me 50% anyway since they said they run it so much they never know if it’s going on or not. It’s actually 60% right now. Cost: All of these options and preservation mounting (whatever that is) ran me about $200 with the 50% discount. I am pleased with the result but would like to see how others came out too, so please post yours! Image: Here’s mine The Rick, CFA

haha nice rick - that looks awesome and the 8675309 is classic - -