CFA Charter holders please help ( how to obtain charter) ??

Hi!! My name is Nabigha Ali. I want to have information about the basic steps involved in obtaining the CFA charter.After obtaining the required experience

what exactly am I required to obtain the charter. Kindly elaborate on the follwing queries of mine individually: 1.Do I have to submit the hard copies of my experience with the CFA institute or is it done online? 2.As I have experience from two different employers, am I required to have there signatures on the single page mentioning my overall experience? 3.Some has told me that in order to get the charter I need to have signatures from two charter holders. Is this information true?

  1. How CFA institute will verify our work experience? I have worked for two different employers, so shall they verify from each. I also have heard that verification is done on random basis. Does that all hold true?

  2. In how much time I can have the charter, once I have applied for it.

Please answer the following questions more specifically instead of giving me a link to the CFA website. I have gone through the website but my above mentioned queries are still unresolved.Thank You and hope to hear from you soon.



koi faida nahin

Thou shalt calleth CFAI and ask thyself