CFA Charter

Has any recent charterholder received the physical charter / certificate from CFA Institute. I have recently received just two letters of Congratulations from CFA Institute and so I was just wondering if CFA Institute changed its practice of sending big certificates.

I was wondering the same. If this letter is the charter, it’s less fancy than I had expected ;-).

I subscribed to USPS Informed Delivery last year and apparently I am getting a package today so I assume its the charter. Its coming from Virginia.

Do you guys actually read the emails you are receiving from CFA Institute?..apparently not, else you wouldn’t ask that question

Haha damn, I went back and searched for the e-mail to prove you wrong, but indeed it specifically says the welcome mail is a separate item. oops.

I received the charter yesterday!

Mine arrived today. Feeling like a BIG BOY

Received mine yesterday. Had to just stare at it for a few minutes.