CFA Charterholder Mean/Median Salary?

Does anyone know the most updated figures for 2014/2015? By title would be even better to know as I am prepping for comp talks after getting my charter in 2015.

Does your firm give raises just for getting the charter?

depends on your location… there’s been a few of the comp surveys taken by local societies posted in the careers section… just do a search

edit: i did the search for you…

$100k is median son

^ If you’re only rocking $100k, that’s a sucker’s salary. And that’s even if you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Haha yea, I’m gonna go ahead and say $100k is way too low. I was thinking closer to $150k+, especially for NY. I would love to know by title though (i.e. Associate, VP, MD, etc.).

The last stat I recall is around 150k

Are we talking base salary here or all in (base+bonus)?

All-in ain’t no way it’s above 150