CFA charterholder violation

Hi guys, need your help on this.

I am currently applying for the CFA charter, have passed all three levels but have not yet filed the application. Can my bio read “in the process of obtaining his Chartered Financial Analyst charter”? I suppose this is kind of misleading. Should I just go for "passed all the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations? "

Thanks a bunch!

Oh yeah, it’s currently looking to apply for the CFA charter.

literally type in CFA social media guide in google, it tells you the exact words to put.

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its CFA not CFAp

If you have completed all three levels of the CFA Program, but have not completed the work experience requirement, you may state: “Passed all three levels of the CFA Program and may be awarded the charter upon completion of the required work experience.”

That’s what I got. I mean it is worse than not saying anything at all. Why say something like this when I am going to apply for the charter soon? Maybe I’ll just leave things out.

Why not just state that you’ve passed level 3? Anyone who knows what the charter is knows what that means, and anyone who doesn’t can be given a brief overview in an interview. If it’s not in your resume at all, then it’s one less item you can suck your own dick about in an interview.

It’s for my bio, not resume. It is meant to pitch investors, and they do not really care if I passed the levels or not. This is the big leagues, not looking for a job.

passed level 3. That’s all you need