CFA charters results

Would be great if pass finalists could post their results on AF. It gives me an indication of whether I passed or failed.

Why don’t you just look at last years results thread?

Last years link.

Also I’m not sure how it gives you any indication as to whether you passed or failed given that:

a) you don’t know know what mark got (no matter how well/badly you think it went)

b) the pass mark varies from year to year to reflect the perceived difficulty of the paper, so an equal grading that gave a pass last year could give a fail this year

Did you sit for L3 in Columbus ? If so, I thought it was a pretty smooth test site aside from the usual joke of a parking situation…

I was in Cincinnati. I went to Ohio State and miss Columbus a lot. Where is the location in Columbus?

It was at Capital University Law School downtown by STROS. I talked to candidate beside me some about how Cincinnati’s society was more active than Columbus society. Apparently you all have a big end of the year party every year he was telling me?

I also sat in Columbus. Fortunately I live downtown and can walk because parking is a nightmare.